The Book Addiction Tag

usually a couple of days. I always read during the week but not as much on weekends. at least one. I am always reading a physical book. I save most of my eBooks for travel. Not all of them, but definitely most of them. 30 minutes to an hour. Depends on the day and who […]


The Sibling Book Tag

I don’t remember where I saw this Tag but if you’ve been following for a while you know I love a good Tag! So why not complete one I’ve had sitting around for a while! I absolutely adore this book! I am genuinely sad that there isn’t a sequel but thats because I’m selfish and […]


The 7 Deadly Sins Tag

Ok, so I wasn’t tagged – but when am I ever – but I love the questions from the tag after reading Book Tales By Me‘s post, and well, I’m just going to do it anyway. Greed What is the most expensive book you own? What is the least expensive book you own? ‘The Gray […]