My Grandma

2020 has started off on a sadder note for myself and my family with the loss of my tough, blunt and kind Grandmother. She fell ill earlier in 2019 and due to this illness was unable to attend George and my wedding. She headed to hospital to receive IV antibiotics but went home every afternoon to make sure her brother, Ronnie and his seeing eye dog, Nero were all settled with dinner organised and came home to a conversation and a laugh.

She was someone who never had it easy in life and a lot of the things she endured I learnt about in these last few months.

Throughout all the pain she felt, whenever we would visit she wanted to stay awake and talk to us and tell us stories as well as find out more about what was happening in our lives. She cared so deeply for my brother and I and was never shy in telling us how happy she was with everything we did and do. She always asked about George and my brothers fiancee Grace and wanted to make sure everyone was doing alright.

I remember walking out of the hospital room, ready to let my emotions out when she called to George and I ‘enjoy life’. Nothing has made me laugh and cry so much.

I didn’t realise how much I would miss her. Her lack of filter, her kindness and her ‘grandma biscuits’. I wish I’d told her I loved her more. I wish I’d visited more. I wish I’d learnt more about her life from her. I wish so many things.

I will always remember her. Her strength to weather any storm, her honesty and generosity and her love for her family are all things I will carry with me throughout my life.

Those grandma biscuits will become a staple in our household and our kids will know that it is because of you.

I wish I’d said it more but, I love you.

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