Harry Potter Christmas Tag

I saw this over on Charleigh Writes Blog, and as a fan of both Christmas and Harry Potter I knew I wanted to give this tag a go.

Probably the Hufflepuff common room. I mean I wish I could say something cooler but that’s definitely where I would end up most of the time.

100% I would want to spend Christmas with the Weasley’s!

Hmm… I feel like a classic answer would be Fred and George but I think It’d be fun to have a snowball fight with Luna.

I’d say some sort of magical book. Maybe ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.Who knows I’m open to anything really.

I’d say a Thestral. They are strong and have a great sense of direction which is what you need.

Is it a cop out to say Hagrid? He’s got the santa personality and is just to kind and caring.

Probably Ron. He’d get up for a midnight snack and find them sitting there perfectly ready to be eaten.

Luna would probably find a naturalist wizarding book or some sort of creature artifact.

Slughorn for sure. He loves a good bev!

Bless her soul but probably Professor Trelawney.

Fred, Dobby and Dumbledore for sure. The right amount of humour, knowledge and just plain kindness.

Fred and George Weasley would definitely go all out!

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