Sparks of Phoenix by Najwa Zebian

Sparks of Phoenix
by Najwa Zebian

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Date: 2019
Pages: 240
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Non Fiction
Genre:  Poetry
Days to Read: 1
Purchase Locations: Amazon and Kindle Audible Book Depository Booktopia Dymocks QBD

In Sparks of Phoenix—Najwa Zebian’s third book of poetry—she takes her readers on a powerful journey of healing.

As the phoenix emerges from its ashes, Zebian emerges ablaze in these pages, not only as a survivor of abuse, but as a teacher and healer for all those who have struggled to understand, reclaim, and rise above a history of pain. The book is divided into six chapters, and six stages of healing: Falling, Burning to Ashes, Sparks of Phoenix, Rising, Soaring, and finally, A New Chapter, which demonstrates a healthy response to new love as the result of authentic healing. With her characteristic vulnerability, courage, and softness, Zebian seeks to empower those who have been made to feel ashamed, silenced, or afraid; she urges them, through gentle advice and personal revelation, to raise their voices, rise up, and soar.

Ok, so honestly if you have seen any of my other reviews on poetry, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. On that, for this review I want to talk about some versus that really stuck with me.

Najwa’s piece on sensitivity is amazing. It really resonated with me, as a sensitive person it felt like someone got it. It begins with ‘Your sensitivity is not a sign of weakness.’ I felt like that opening really captured my attention to the piece.

Honestly the positivity I felt while reading the second half of this book of poetry was real. There were so many times where Najwa Zebian was talking about kindness and remembering to stay kind and being tired as well as the importance of continuing with your goals.

I really found something within the pages of Sparks of Phoenix and left my time with the book feeling positive and focused on my goals.

Ease of reading: 7/10
Quality of Writing: 7/10
Stars: 3.5/5

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