Things I Want to do in Melbourne

For anyone that didn’t know I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Now I love traveling and exploring different countries. I was also lucky enough to have a chance to do an epic Australian road trip. I didn’t get to visit everywhere in Australia that I wanted too but I was able to go to places like Coober Pedy and Alice Springs and they were amazing!

But what about Melbourne?

I’ve lived here my whole life and I feel like there are some pretty cool things to do in Melbourne.

These are a few things, I want to do or love to do in Melbourne.

Me absolute favourite place to visit is Mt. Dandenong. It is actually one of the prettiest and more relaxing places to go. I love going when I want to go for a refreshing hike to just to explore Olinda and Sassafrass. Fun fact its me dream to live there one day!

I also really want to visit the Melbourne Aquarium! I haven’t been for such a long time and really want to go back.

Another place I haven’t been in years in the Melbourne Museum! I really want to visit there some time this year.

A place I haven’t been yet in Melbourne that I want to visit in 2019 is the Redwood Forest in Warburton. I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos and have always wanted to go, hopefully 2019 is the year!

I do also want to do another Book Tour in Melbourne and visit some stores that I haven’t been to yet.

What are some places you want to visit in your city?


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