Ok so this is super super late, I know its August for crying out loud! But better late than never right?

April’s Theme was Educational Decree, which I loved! IMG_1557

Inside we got all kids of goodies! Including:

  • An Order of the Phoenix T-shirt.
  • A jar of prefects bathroom sea salts – which I’ve used in the shower and it was incredible. Smelt amazing
  • A post card with Dumbledore’s Army Propaganda. (not photographed)
  • A small packet of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans – I had to leave these for my fiancee as I can’t eat them 😦
  • An Enchanted wooden coaster. With the Hogs Head on it. – I love these, I have two so far and can’t wait to get more!
  • A Deathly Hallows Pin
  • A ‘Sherbert Lemon’ Scented candle from Incendio Candles with scents of lemongrass and Honey. – All the candles look gorgeous and smell amazing, I just haven’t burnt any because then I won’t have them anymore
  • Cosy Elves Tea – this one is an blend of organic black tea, rose petaels, wild strawberries, vanilla and sugar hearts –  honestly I haven’t tried any yet, but I really really want too!
  • A Vial of dragon’s blood.
  • A chocolate frog card – Severus Snape. I love these to display in my office at work, the kids absolutely love it.
  • 7 of the Harry Potter Trading Card Game Cards.
  • Lastly an Umbridge pocket mirror. super cute!


Chat with me NEW

I love getting the Gobstone Alley box so much, there are always such adorable items! Get yours here (no affiliation) if you are interested in some of their other boxes I’ve received you can check out my December, February and March unboxings!


are there any Harry Potter Subscriptions you would recommend?




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