Unboxing: WIZARDING WORLD: Hogwarts House Pride 2018 Box

This unboxing is only a SMIDGE late, It arrived while I was overseas so I didn’t get to unbox it until I got back. For this box we needed to select a Hogwarts House. Now, since we get Hufflepuff for the Gobsotne Alley box for me (Go Hufflepuff) we get Ravenclaw for my fiancee when we order Lootcrate.

Let me tell you, He was EXCITED!


Inside wrapped in blue tissue paper were the following fun items:

  • A Harry Potter enamel pin. (an exclusive lootcrate Item)
  • Hogwarts crest socks. There were two pairs. One with the Ravenclaw crest and one with the hogwarts crest. My Finacee has worn both of these for work, so you know they are a hit!
  • Hogwarts house T-shirt. I love the colour of this one, its the perfect blue for Ravenclaw and another one thats already been warn numerous times.
  • Hogwarts house patch. This is going to be a great edition to our patch jacket!
  • Hogwarts House Pocket Watch. This is an amazing quality watch. Its great as a decor piece on my bookshelf!

Chat with me NEW

Did you get the 2018 House Pride box from lootcrete this year? Let me know your thoughts!

You can also find an unboxing for the ‘Family Ties’ box from there beginning of the year, here.  You can also check out Lootcrete and the Wizarding World Box.


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