Greece Travel Diary #2: Mainland Tour (Day 2)

On the second day of our jam packed tour we rose early – around 6:30am – with a wake up call from reception. After packing up our suitcases and leaving them outside our doors to be loaded onto the bus we headed into a Buffet breakfast with the rest of the tour group – Which I feel like I should point out now were AMAZING and we met some really fantastic people- We headed out at about 7:30am to drive out to Olympia, our first stop of the day.

Straight up, these are the reasons I love Olympia
1. My fiancee’s dad’s side if from just outside Olympia
2. Its the site of the Ancient olympics (incredible)
3. there are some crazy old buildings there
4. Alexander the Great build himself a temple there with his father
5. there are remains of both a temple to Zeus and a temple to Hera ( I could not be loving this more)

The weather wasn’t fantastic, putting it nicely, when we went to Olympia and that did impact our experience, but hey what can you do? we were able to do a walking tour in the rain around the ruins – NOTE: even if you go in summer, pack a rain coat – seeing remains of the training stadium, the temples to Hera and Zeus and maybe the most incredible we were able to walk where the athletes would of walk thousands of years ago in the ancient olympic stadium.

When you go, it doesn’t look like much, the earth has reclaimed most of it, but you can really get a feel for what it would of been like.

When the rain got too heavy, and let me tell you, the heavens opened and it POURED. We headed to the Olympia museum where we were doing a walking tour with Dimitra. There were so many sculptures and statues from the Classical Period in Greece (a lot of the Greek Gods stuff) pretty much it filled the whole museum and it was AMAZING! (I am probably going to say that a lot)

We then boarded the bus and drove where quiet a while to reach our Amalia Hotel for the night in Delphi!

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