A to Z Bookish Tag

Another tag! I’ve had this one on my drafts list for a while but have never gotten around to completing it. So now is the time to finally complete it.


bookish tag A

Probably PC Cast or Sara Sheapard, They have pretty long series, being ‘The House of Night’ Series and ‘The Pretty Little Liars’ Series.

Bookish Tag B

with what I’ve currently read, I think it would have to be ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ By Sarah J. Mass. I loved it so much I wanted to take it on my trip to Greece!

Bookish Tag C

‘The Lost Hero’ By Rick Riordan. Loving it!

Bookish Tag D

Usually something warm, be it tea, decaf coffee or my Loving Earth hot chocolate.

Bookish Tag E

Physical book, 100%. Preferably a hard cover.

Bookish Tag F

I would have to say Rhysand! (Such a typical answer for anyone who has read the ‘Court of Thorns and Roses‘ Series)

Bookish Tag G

Again, ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ By Sarah J. Mass. I am not really a huge fan of books with people, weather they be a photo or drawn/digitally created. So I picked it up on a whim, having heard that people had loved the series, but not knowing much about it.

Bookish Tag H

‘Mystic City’ By Theo Lawrence. This is a book I picked up ages and ages ago, and read instantly. I don’t feel like I’ve seen it much on book blogs or BookTube.

Bookish Tag I

I don’t really recall anything significant, but i think having access to my school Library at both primary and secondary school. As well as mum taking my brother and I to the local library. I think it gave us more access and choices and opportunity to continue reading.

Bookish Tag J

‘Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold’ By Stephen Fry. Such a good read, would highly recommend for anyone who loves Greek Mythology.

Bookish Tag K

History or historical fiction. They just stress me out and give me anxiety.


Bookish Tag L

Probably ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix’ By J.K Rowling.

Bookish Tag M

The Percy Jackson Series. After I finished ‘The Last Olympian’, all I wanted was to keep reading!

Bookish Tag N

I own one actual bookshelf. But I also use a smaller shelf next to that for some books and I store some books in the top of my cupboard (more text books) and I have a self in my wardrobe for all my completed books.

Bookish Tag O

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ By J. K Rowling. I always listen to this book on Audible, especially when I just want things on in the background. I just always choose this one.

Bookish Tag P

If I had one, I would say arm chair. I had one at my parents house and it was perfect with a cup of tea and a blanket. Currently I mostly read when I am on the way somewhere, as I catch public transport a lot.

Bookish Tag Q

going with a classic. ‘Always’.
(Snape, Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows)


Bookish Tag R

‘Ellie’ By Livia E. Bitton-Jackson. I think this is more because I had to read this for school and its a history based book which i find difficult to read as is.


Bookish Tag S

hmm thats a tricky one, maybe the Mortal Instruments Series. I’ve only read the first book so far in the series, but it was so long ago now that I feel like I’d need to read the book again, and I hate doing that unless its a book I love love love.

Bookish Tag T

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ By J.K Rowling, because it starts off that whole amazing series. ‘The Martian’ By Andy Weir, would highly recommend the audiobook – so good – and I’m going to say ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ BY Rick Riordan, that book really added to and fuelled my love of Greek mythology.


Bookish Tag U

Harry Potter and Twilight. Yes I read the books and I liked them!


Bookish Tag V


The sequel for ‘Nevermoor’ By Jessica Townsend. Cannot wait to continue with the series!


Bookish Tag W

Spending too much money on books when I’m trying to save for a house and a wedding!


Bookish Tag X

‘Nyxia’ By Scoot Reintgen

Bookish Tag Y

Purchased, but yet to be received ‘Strange the Dreamer’ By Lani Taylor. I know I’m so late to the game! A friend from work recommended it!


Bookish Tag Z

So many! ‘Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian’ By Rick Riordan; The entire ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses‘ series and ‘The Waywayrd Children’ series. To name a few.


Chat with me NEW

WOW! That was a looooooong tag, if you got to the end thank you, you are amazing! leave me a comment so I know you are a champion!






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