I have been loving getting the Gobstone Alley Box in the mail. It is so much fun to unbox and i love exploring everything that’s inside!

Without further ado lets get into what was in the MARCH GOBSTONE ALLEY BOX


This box was full to the brim with amazing goodies!

When I first opened the box I was met with a t-shirt. They include a wearable in every box and I love all of them. They do mostly get used as chill home tops or Sleep tops but they are incredible designs. This months designs has the stag with the incantation for the patronus charm as well as ‘pure heart’ around the outside. George and I definitely argued over who was going to get this one.

We got another candle from INCENDIO CANDLES, I love the designs on the outside and the little details they add in. This one is Peppermint Toad scented. As with all the candles I get in any boxes/ mail I am torn between wanting to burn them because they smell so good but they look so beautiful that I don’t want to either!

There was a WAND in this box and honestly I almost lost it I was so excited! from the chocolate frog card also included in the box its pretty easy to guess whose wand was inside… VIKTOR KRUM’s! Now it isn’t an official Harry Potter Wand, but I love it all the same.

We also got another COSY ELVES tea, this month the flavour was ‘The Half Blood Princes Brew’ and in all honesty… its delicious!

There is also a little vile of something magical in each box and this month we got Veretisirum. We also got a Magical Wand Permit Form for MACUSA, so we can register our wands before travelling to the United States.

We also got a bookmark with an amazing design! i actually want to use it all the time!

Along with all those things we got some pins; a Hufflepuff tin (The house you get will depend on which house you select at checkout) and as in every box 7 cards to add to your Harry Potter deck building game.

I loved this months box and was so happy with everything that was included. I love adding the little things like the wand permit to my desk at work – I’m trying to convince them I went to Hogwarts.

If you are interested in getting the Gobstone Alley Box you can check them out here.

** as always, no affiliation**

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