Goal Update: April

April has come and gone in the blink of an eye and honestly I can’t even remember what happened during the month. So I don’t know how well I’ve done on achieving my goals throughout the month. Thank goodness I do these updates so I know where I am and how I’m tracking.

  1. Complete the A to Z reading challenge.
    In April I was able to finish 3 (the only 3 books I read this month) books that all went towards my A to Z challenge.
    I would say SUCCESS!
  2. Post at least 3 times a week.
    completely successful on this one! I have be really happy with my level of consistency here on Harper Grae.
  3. exercise 3 days a week.
    This goal I’ve gone backwards on. Some of it is due to the fact that my partner’s hours at work changed and he now gets home a lot later than he did before so we can’t go for walks in the afternoon anymore. BUT I know that its on me too, I can work out at home.
    So I think this month would have to be a FAIL
  4. Read 30 books in 2018
    According to Goodreads I’ve read 11 books which puts me 2 ahead of my goal of 30, I’ll take that as a win.
  5. Try one new recipe each week.
    I think we did a good job with this in April. We tried some new vegetarian dishes while we were fasting for Easter, We cooked calamari which we hadn’t done before, as well as a tofu curry. We’ve been pretty adventurous for food this month!
  6. Practice positivity  and optimism
    This might be more of a FAIL this month. I have been trying to be more optimistic and positive but have definitely been feeling fatigued from work and I haven’t been great at getting to bed early to help myself to keep a positive attitude.
  7. Less technology and more reading before bed. 
    FAIL again… I’m really not prioritising this goal… I should probably start.

This month was pretty good overall in terms of achieving my goals and working towards them. I’m thinking of including a table of successes and fails for each goal for each month.

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How are you going with your goals for 2018?

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