Bookmark Haul

I am a bookmark user. I love bookmarks. I used to be a dog-ear the page kind of person, but I have grown (in my mind) to wanting to care for my books and make sure they say in good condition; So I evolved into using bookmarks.

I don’t mind the bookmarks you get when you get a Book Depository Order or Booktopia order. But I felt as though I wanted to increase my bookmark game and actually purchase a decent bookmark or two.

I began and ended my search on Etsy – an amazing online world that is filled with beautiful hand crafted things. In my bookmark search a happened upon ‘Dreamy & Co’ an Etsy store with amazing bookmarks. i was hooked. I wanted to order all of them. Alas, I did not. Instead I chose a few that really stood out to me in terms of the characters and things I enjoy in books.

So I picked up 4 bookmarks to begin my collection – I know I will be purchasing more!

First I picked up a Feyre bookmark from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ there were two designs offered by Dreamy & Co for Feyre. It was so hard to choose which one to get but I ultimately loved the design on this one.

Secondly, to go with my Feyre bookmark I purchased a Rhys from the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ Series. I loved this design so much with the wings and the colours. I thought it complimented the Feyre bookmark nicely.

Thirdly, I purchased another magnetic bookmark, this time from another series that I love. I decided to pick up a bookmark from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. There is a great collection of characters from the series, making it so hard to choose. But I’ve always had a soft spot for Luna and I love the design on this one with her Quibbler and Spectre Specs.

Lastly, I went for more of a traditional bookmark and purchased a second Harry Potter bookmak representing my Hufflepuff for life house. This design is so simple and elegant but I love it so much.

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