First Experience: Reading a Faerie Novel

I am a newbie when It comes to the Fae world and Faerie based novels. I know, I must of been living under a rock!

I can definitely say its been a great experience. Maybe it was the series I started with or maybe the Faerie world is one that really engages me. Either way, I’m here and all I want is more!

I really went into the whole thing blind. Mostly due to the fact that everyone had already read and reviewed ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ (which is the series I started with), so it wasn’t prevalent in my YouTube Subscriptions or on any book blogs that I was following. I read people mention the series in passing, adding it into a favourite book video or book shelf tours etc.

I finally decided to listen to all the raving and pick up the series. I knew small things about Faerie worlds – all of which I’ve learnt in the end of 2017/start of 2018. I discovered that there was magic involved, they can be unpleasant to humans; they are beautiful (usually); they can be vicious. So it was pretty much the bare minimum.

I jumped into ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ and I was hooked. I have genuinely not been so deeply engaged and eager to learn about a

I’m still working my way though ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ which is just as incredible as the previous books and that has given me even more understanding of Fae. From this series, as soon as I heard that ‘The Cruel Prince’ was going to take place in a Faerie world, I knew I needed it. I’m not a buy-new-releases-asap kind of person usually. but oh. my. gosh. I needed it. world since I discovered Harry Potter. I can chalk some of that up to the amazing writing of Sarah J. Mass. The detail and depth in the world has left me desperate to complete the books and to learn as much as I can.

I cannot wait to continue to read books in this Fantasy genre. My only problem… I don’t know of any other books that are based in a faerie world. If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them!

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