Bookshelf Rearrange

I was sitting on the couch working my way though my YouTube Subscriptions when I looked over at my book shelf and knew something needed to be done. I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks, thinking to myself ‘oh I’ll fix it up later. Later has finally arrived! I’ve gotten a couple of new books in the mail recently and it really threw out my system, I mean mostly because I’m too lazy to take the time to find a spot for them.

Here’s what I was working with:
IMG_1590So I know its not horrible, but we live in a one bedroom apartment so things being a little ‘cluttered’ makes a huge difference. Also I thrive off of organisation and things being neat so I knew it needed to be dealt with.

First things first, I cleared all my selves off and made piles on the floor, giving the shelves a little freshening up.


I then decided on my system. I’m loving the colour organised shelves, I think because we are in such a small space it really does look the best. When I first started using the more colour based system I’t took me a minute when books in a series weren’t all together, but now I actually love it!

My new layout saw the order of the colours change a little.


So I decided to have the top shelf going from white to grey.


Next I moved down the grey scale into black. From covers that are black with minimal spines moving into more colour on the spines, I ended in a green based black spine to lead into my colour shelves.

IMG_0627My first colour shelf was green, I thought a gradient would work best for the coloured covers I have if it moved from Green all the way through to red. All of my green covers ended up on this shelf with the majority of the blue fitting as well, which surprised me. With my previous colour gradient green and blue were on seperate shelves and seemed like they were chocked full.


From the Green/Blue shelf I moved into a Blue/purple/pink/red shelf. I was again shocked that so many colours fit on one shelf and if I’m honest, I love it.


My last colour organised shelf was the Red/orange/yellow shelf, I love that there is still some space so it will be super easy to shift books to fit any new purchases in.


I shuffled around the bottom shelf a little bit, putting my Harry Potter Box set down with the illustrated editions as well as just reseting my more ‘resource’ based books, which I don’t organise in the same way.


Finally I added a little ‘TBR’ stack. I thought it would be a great way to remind myself what I had planned to read next, because I’m the absolute worst and remembering what I want to read next. I’m hoping it works because I think it looks so cute.

Overall this is what we ended up with:


I am so happy with this rearrange and I’m hoping I can keep it looking nice and fresh!

Let me know your thoughts of shelf organisation… are you a by colour? by author? or my title? kind of person!



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