2018 Goal Update: January

As part of keeping myself accountable to my goals this year, I’ve decided to dedicate a post towards the end of each month to go over my goals and kind of check in and see if I’m actually progressing!
Check out my original Goals post!

1. Complete the A to Z Reading Challenge
I’ve been working on this one, a bit slower than I anticipated so thats not to good, BUT I’ve still read 2 – currently working on a 3rd.

2. Post at least once a week on harper-grae.com
DEFINITELY making progress here, after making this a goal I also decided to post 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) Which I’ve so far been able to stick with… Thumbs up for me!

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. 
I was doing pretty well with this one… Until this week. I’ve given myself this week off as I’ve just started back at work and have come home every night so far absolutely exhausted and reading for bed at 6pm. Next week we will get back on it though!

4. Read 30 Books in 2018
I’ve managed 2 and am working on a 3rd. Slow Progress but still progress.

5. Try at least one new recipe a week
This goal has been expanded to trying new restaurants (in person or on Ubereats)  as now that we are back into the whole work thing and totally exhausted so we tend to order food later in the week. We’ve tried 3 new recipes so far, all a success. I’ve even discovered that I like cauliflower!

6. Build a night routine with less technology
huge fail on this one so far… oops. Will give it a fresh try tomorrow – tonights already technology filled.

7. Practice positivity and optomism
Doing so much better at this than I was last year, although the real test is now that I’m back at work. Check back next month for a better update.

8. Greece 2018
Book more accomodation for Greece so working towards it!

Let me know how you are going on your 2018 goals!


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