2017: Recap

2017 was a pretty eventful year upon reflection. I mean in the moment when I decided to write this post I thought “hmm nothings really happened this year, this will be a super short post.”… BOY was I wrong!
Then I thought I would follow the whole rose vs. thorn format but their has actually been SO MUCH that has happened this year! So I guess I’ll get into it.

  1. I started a new job (my first full time job too) which I have LOVED. I feel so lucky to have gotten the position at the school I am at. It if filled with incredible human beings who are all so generous and kind, as well as some extra adorable children!
  2. I moved out! Best decision I ever made. Its been so fantastic having a space thats mine (well shared with my partner George) but still mine.
  3. I started to work harder on my Etsy story as well as my blog
  4. Through my job at school I have been inspired to read more. Its been so incredible to get back into something that I really used to enjoy but I haven’t done much of over the past couple of years.
  5. Posting more on my blog!
  6. More Recently: I BOUGHT A BIKE! Its been so fantastic to be able to get a little more active and ride everywhere.
  7. I went to JAPAN! It was an utterly Incredible trip.

    OK so more on the not so positive side of this year…

  8. Had a few health issues which has been really stressful, I am lucky to of found a fantastic neurologist who is helping me work out exactly whats going on. So thumbs up for that
  9. Its been a bit of a turbulent year family wise which is unfortunate and can be stressful. I still feel so lucky to have them and I love them all so much. Its just a testing time that I’m sure we will all get through and look back on later.

And thats a little year in recap! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2017 or can at least look back and find some highlights to their year.

Here’s to an even better 2018 filled with Joy, positivity and good health!


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