Advancing in the World of the well Dressed

Along with a new job comes a new wardrobe, well at least in my case it did. I went from jeans and kicks to boots and a Tokito dress on a daily basis. Really the only positive is that I got to buy things but for once I actually needed them.

I started with the basics of course and tried to find a range of different dresses that were an appropriate length for work but that didn’t make me look like a potato. Difficult feat considering that me and dresses don’t really mix!

I’m proud of myself for giving it a solid go and coming out with some dresses that don’t . make me feel like a complete loser.

My main find spots were: Zara; Tokito and Portmans.

Over a period of a couple of months i managed to find a few different options. I still haven’t worn all of them to be honestly but the few that i love I wear religiously!

so heres a little look into my wardrobe!




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