2017 Goal: No Spend Year

Like nearly everyone else on the planet I take the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and create goals to get the results I struggled (Gave up on) to find in 2016. “New year, new me” I made the usual ‘Work out more’ and ‘eat healthy’ resolutions as most people do and I do intend to give it a good hard go in terms of achieving those goals. A fews days after New Years I was mindlessly scrolling through the internet as one does, when an article caught my eye. It was titled ‘Financial Journalist no Spend Year helped save money’. Being the horrendous saver and epic consumerist that I am, I can use as much help as i can get this area; So I clicked.

The point of the article was that Michelle McGragh took the anti-consumer movement of ‘Spend Nothing Day’ and applied it to an entire year! She set herself rules which allowed her to pay for a mortgage, bills, charity donations, basic toiletries, a strict food budget and a bicycle for transport. In turn she ended up saving $27,000!

The article was genuinely inspiring.

So I decided to partake in a similar no spend year with a few different rules to accomodate what I may need throughout the year.

My No Spend Year Rules:

  • Pay for all my bills (including rent, utilities, phone etc.)
  • Pay for Food – Groceries with a limit on any extra spending
  • Pay for Petrol and Transport (Train for work)
  • Only replace completely used make up

Those are my basic rules. I plan to have the printed in multiple locations around my house and in my Diary and bag to help remind myself.

Disclaimer: These are loose rules, I am currently planning to move out this year which does require a peak in spending as you know, furniture and life. I have also incorporated make up as I am starting a new job and want to actually look like a human being.

The basis for me with this project is NO LUXURY SPENDING. The point being to become more responsible with my money and learn to respect it and use it wisely.

My goal from this is to save as much money as possible. If i reach my goal FANTASTIC! If i get close i will be just as pleased.


Beginning of the No Spend Year. Its little but its a start!

2017 for me is a year of change, challenge and progression. One baby step at a time!

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